You’ll Get A Real Shock When You See How Xena Looks Today

All of them were focus of every boy fantasy back in 90’s but nowadays they still being awesome, how can they mantein that? I tink all it is about money and operating rooms, nope? What do you think? they made a lot of success films and TV series that finally makes them to became a Millionaires, with that money you can repair the pass of the years with bests surgeons of the World, right? May some of them goes to the gym as well, 😛


Carmen Electra



Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 17.32.17


How a hot girl can keep fit like this! Oh My God!! I remember when I was a child and I have some special card with her photos there. For me was something like an angel, which is my sorprise when I watch her on TV with 40 years old with this aspect she is a really MILF 🙂 Might be there is some magic with her, 🙂

Be ready because this girl bring more news to our blog! 😛


With the next SLIDE you will say something like ¡¡¡¡WTF!!!!


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