You Want to Live in This City

Are you proud of the city you live in? Most people declare they would live in another city if they really had the chance to do so. This is so because they feel they are losing leisure opportunities, or because they feel they are not really taking advantage of all the possibilities the city they live in has to offer.

Every year, the magazine “Monocle” publishes a list of the cities that offer the best quality life. This list is elaborated out of the votes of its correspondents, taking into account features such as public transportation, environmental actions, life opportunities, security, good architecture, and many more.

This year is the second year of Tokyo being the best city in the world to live in. The city was elected for benefits such as its great night-life, its pedestrian focus, and its gastronomy. No city in Latin America was picked on the list, whereas Berlin, Viena, Copenhague and Munich follow the Japanese capital, erected as the most inhabitable city in the world.

Come and learn a bit more about this and more cities on the list!

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