Top Google searches in 2017: hurricanes and sex abuse

The list of the top Google searches in 2017 was made public yesterday. More than 3.800 million people use Google everyday. That’s why the Google Trends list gives us an accurate insight of the closing year.

Here’s the summary of 2017 according to the Internet giant.

google searches in 2017

At the beginning of September, devastating hurricane Irma hit Florida and part of the Caribbean and caused more than a hundred deaths. This natural disaster was the most searched event of the year.

The scandals of sexual abuse were also part of the Google trends this year. That’s why many people looked Harvey Weinstein up in Google. They also looked for Kevin Spacey.

And in the US, NBC host Matt Lauer occupies number 2 in the trend list. NBC fired Lauer back on 30 November because of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace”. Lauer didn’t deny all the accusations. In fact, he said some of the stories had enough truth to make him feel ashamed.

google searches in 2017

Las Vegas shooting, the solar eclipse and the earthquake that hit Mexico were some of the other popular searches. Among the most searched celebrities, besides Weinstein we find Meghan Markle, Melania Trump, Kevin Spacey or the late Tom Petty.

“Despacito” and “Shape of You” have been the musical hits of the year according to Google. And “It” was the most popular movie, followed by Wonder Woman. When it comes to technology, people have been mostly interested in smartphones. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X were the most popular ones in 2017.

google searches in 2017

Oh, and by the way. “How to make slime” or “how to buy bitcoins” were the first “how” questions this year. These type of questions are usually surprising, and this year was no exception. Throughout 2017 people also asked Google how to make a fidget spinner, how to screen record or how to lose belly fat really fast.

google searches in 2017


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