The Creepiest Abandoned Places on Earth


If you like mysteries, keep reading.

If you are looking for adventure, get ready. We are about to show you some of the most exciting places to visit if you are in search for thrills.

The following places are surrounded by mystery and goosebumps. And they can be visited. So prepare to know the amazing stories behind these magnificent and creepy abandoned places and be attracted to them.

You may not have the courage to visit them, but you definitely have the curiosity to discover their stories.

1. Danvers State Insane Asylum

You may try and guess the exteriors of the 2nd season of the AHS. Asylum series were filmed here, in this creepy, dark place. But then you would be wrong. The Danvers State Hospital in Massachussetts has had many names, like State Lunatic Hospital, or even the Hell House on the Hill and other beautiful names.

When it was hectic, in the 20s and 30s, it was a very controversial place due to the use of drugs, shock therapy and lobotomies (it may even be the place of birth of lobotomy). Finally, this mental house became unsanitary and equally dangerous for both the staff and the patients.

Since its closure it’s become this ruinous, creepy place. So that is why it has this position in the compilation, because it is the most violently haunted asylums in the world.

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