Telescope in Canaries captures deepest image of the Universe

This photo is taken in the Canary Islands in concrete the island of La Palma, has found a stellar halo, this stellar halo supports the presently accepted model of galaxy formation, so you can not imagine how important is this discovery.

Could be a really really difficult task to analize and study the objects that are furthest away in the Universe and if you don’t have any backgrown about how to study the space is almost imposible to know how far away is one star or other then, imagine what exactly this Astrophysics needs to study to arrive in this conclusion.

Before all I want to mention that they don’t look the stars like everybody in the roof with his/her boy or girldfriend dreaming, no my friends, no. This is their job and for that they used the Gran Telescopio de Canarias on the island of Palma. (that means the biggest telescope to watch the space.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.03.52

This “Telescopio” have a lot of advanced characteristics like that is the largest optical-infrared telescope in the world.

The image this telescope the image you can obtein with this telescope is about 10 times deeper than others previosly observed from the earth planet.

And the thing don’t finish here, nope, ok they use the best telescope in the world but the important thing it that thanks to this project, they found a faint halo of stars around the galaxy UGC0180 which is the older one the cientists see from the earth planet. 500 million light years away from us. Then this discoverment reveal the existence of the stellar halos.

After an exposure time of eight hours, the researchers finally found a weak halo made up of four billion stars around the UGC00180 galaxy.  The Scientist Ignacio Trujillo, the first author of the study and a researcher from the IAC, has set the objective of extending the study to other galaxies to see if the current model of galaxy formation is correct.