Some Google Hidden Games That Won’t Let You Work

Everybody enjoys a little break between a snowed under morning or just when you don’t have much to do and you need to pretend to be busy. Well google helps you with your work and with that extra time when your mind asks you for some fun.

Some Google hidden games that won

Don’t get too excited, I have to warn you that once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop, make the deadlines and by the end of the day, nothing will be done. Maybe it is a conspiracy plan of google to distract people. I am just kidding all mighty google.


If you an adult of thirty-something of above, maybe you want to remember when everything boiled down to a beer and the hypnotic sound of PAC-MAN. This classical was released like a doodle but it was so addictive and so popular among the Googlers that it now has a house inside google pages. Insert a coin hereimages (3)

If you want so see how gravity affected google, there is this incredible demonstration where all the elements in google front page falls and you can play with each and one of them, just because gravity is for all including google. At the same moment you can see some tips about the gravity in some planet of the solar system… Taste Google’s gravity swoop1

Do you want to impress some co-workers? Then you should ask google to do a Barrel Roll. Yes, google can do that too. I bet you won’t be disappointed to what happens next. It’s not incredible or fantastic, but for sure you’ll have some fun seeing Google’s page rolling around the screen. Take a test ride, and roll it on.

Remember to have some of your real work done or not to get too excited with google hidden games. Your working face must be believable so other don’t know you are having fun.