Ned Stark is alive, crazy Game of Thrones theory suggests

Ned Stark is alive. That’s what the latest theory created around the Game of Thrones series holds. If true, this event raises many questions. And above all opens a range of new possibilities for the plot.

ned stark is alive

Game of Thrones fans know one of the main rules of the series: do not get attached to any of the characters. The script writers and R.R.Martin himself have not hesitated, throughout the 7 seasons, to kill some of the most beloved characters.

Stark’s death was the first. And maybe that’s also why it hurt the audience the most. Many others would follow, but the spectators still remember the special shock that Ned Stark’s death caused them.

It happened in episode 9 of the first season, thus inaugurating a macabre tradition in the series. It was then that we saw how the Hand of the King was publicly beheaded by order of the new monarch, the sadistic Joffrey Baratheon.

Fans not only saw how they killed him, but they later saw Stark’s head nailed to a pike. And yet some argue that Ned Stark is alive. How can it be? According to the defenders of this theory, because who we saw die was not really Ned.

It would have been Jaqen H’ghar, the faceless man who later meets Arya and turns her into a murderer in the House of Black and White. Before his death, Ned was sent to the dungeons of the Red Fortress. There he coincided with the faceless man.

ned stark is alive

This crazy theory says that Jaqen took the face of Ned Stark to protect the future of Winterfell. It would be possible, since faceless men can not only put on masks of the dead. Also of living people.

Could Ned go back to Winterfell? Why would the faceless man want to help the Starks? Although it sounds unlikely, surely many fans cling to the possibility that one of the most beloved characters is still alive. Alas, we will have to wait for season 8 to check it out.

ned stark is alive


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