The art of Naples’ pizza, Intangible World Heritage

Naples’ pizza has been declared part of the Intangible World Heritage list by Unesco. Although actually the distinction is not exactly for the pizza itself, but for those who make it.

naples' pizza

In Italy, people call them pizzaiuoli, and their work is considered almost an art. That’s why people have unanimously celebrated Unesco’s decision. Not only in Naples, but all over the country. They’re deeply proud of their gastronomic star: Naples’ pizza.

Here’s some secrets about this delicious dish.

At first glance it seems simple. One only needs water and flour to make the dough. ¿Is it necessary to make it dance in the air, from one hand to another? Absolutely. Pizza professionals say this is what makes the dough get enought air. And that’s what makes it so good when you eat it.

And what about the margarita pizza? It’s a classic Neapolitan pizza and one of the most consumed in the world. It was named after Queen Margarita Teresa of Savoy. She was served the first margarita pizza, which, by the way, has the colours of the national flag: green (basil), red (tomato) and white (cheese).

naples' pizza

Another key point is the wood oven. When it comes to making a real dough of an authentic Naples’ pizza, it’s necessary to have a wood oven. This pizza has inflated edges, and that is achieved thanks to the flames. The flames cause the crust to brown, inflate, and taste so good.

That’s why, if we think about the authentic Neapolitan pizza, we’ll realize that what we usually eat in other countries is not such. These pizzas have flat doughs, more on the style of Roman pizza.

naples' pizza

Oh, and one more thing about the oven. For a better resultm, try having two different types of wood. The most common ones are oak and birch. The different densities combined make Naples’ pizza perfect. The pizzaiouli’s mastery does the rest.


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