Lab-grown fried chicken: welcome to the future of meat

Lab-grown fried chicken might sound like something of the future. But it might actually be the future of meat thanks to a company called Memphis Meats Inc.

lab-grown fried chicken

For four years at Memphis Meats, they’ve been creating meat in labs. First came the lab-grown veal. And then, the duck. Now, they claim to have produced lab-grown fried chicken, although the price is not suitable for all pockets.

Meat is still a central part of our diets, but the meat industry is not at its best. Cares for animal welfare and the environmental contamination derived from the industry are lowering the popularity of eating meat down to its minimum. Is there a solution?

Memphis Meats thinks they might have found it: meat without animal slaughter. Or, in other words, lab-grown meat. How does this work? We’re talking about meat produced by growing animal cells, but without any animals.

Lab-grown meat is made with myosatellite cells, which are extracted from the animals without hurting them. Afterwards, they are “fed” so that they reproduce fast and make up pieces of tissue which are big enough to be cooked.

According to Memphis Meats, this represents the future of food. Poultry meat is the most consumed in the US and the world. Poultry products are great, but the process by which they’re made isn’t. “It involves environmental degradation, animal welfare concerns and public health risks.”

lab-grown fried chicken

But the production of lab-grown fried chicken requires “up to 90% less greenhouse gas emissions and water than tradicional production of poultry products.” Hence, this type of meat is called “clean meat”.

The problem is that today, producing one kilogram of lab-grown fried chicken costs about 15.000 dollars. 30.000 if we’re talking about veal. Clearly, it’s not a price suitable for all pockets. But what if the prices went down?

In Memphis Meats they hope to improve the production process and make lab-grown meat a product of massive consumption. Will lab-grown meat be the future of the meat industry as we know it?


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