Employee shut down Trump’s account on Twitter (for 11 precious minutes)

Last Thursday, an employee shut down Trump’s account on Twitter. But don’t get too excited. Right now, the president’s personal account is active and working perfectly. Although for 11 precious minutes on Thursday, the world lived free of his incendiary tweets.

employee shut down trump's account

On Thursday evening, users and the media realized that Donald Trump’s personal account had ceased to exist. When looking for his profile (@realDonaldTrump), a sign warned that the page didn’t exist.

Was it a case of global espionage? Were the Russians responsible? Nothing could be further from reality. There was an uproar among users. Twitter had to recognize that it had all been caused by a human mistake.

employee shut down trump's account

But this initial statement later rapidly changed. And finally the company admitted the truth. An employee shut down Trump’s account on his last day of work at the company. Apparently, the customer service worker had decided to say good bye in style.

Twitter has said that they will carry out a full investigation about what happened. And Donald Trump’s account soon started working again. But for 11 precious minutes, thanks to this worker, Trump could not insult anyone through his preferred social network.

Although the White House has not made an official statement about the incident, Trump himself commented on what happened. How? Well through a tweet, of course. His account, he said, had been suspended for 11 minutes by “a rogue employee.”

employee shut down trump's account

Twitter is Trump’s preferred social network, and his personal account (@realDonaldTrump) has almost 42 million followers. Practically twice as many as his official account as president (@POTUS), which has 20 million followers.

This is so because Trump is much more active from his personal profile. Through his tweets, Trump has insulted political oponents. He has also launched sexist and racist messages. Overall, his account seems a warmongering guide.

Yesterday, for 11 precious minutes Trump had to remain silent. And Twitter users throughout the globe thanked the worker who shut down his account.


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