If you’re doing this, you’re making the biggest makeup mistakes

Every woman wishes for a perfect skin. But here’s the biggest makeup mistakes we make when we apply our foundation. Products promise to camouflage imperfections and give a natural look to the face, but the result isn’t always what we expected.

Getting the perfect foundation isn’t as easy as it may seem. We’re sorry to say that if you do any of these things, you’re making major mistakes with your makeup foundation.

you choose the wrong tone

In Eastern societies the whiteness of the skin denotes status and elegance. But in the western countries it goes the other way around. And that perfect tan tone is what most women are looking for.

When they choose to fake it with their makeup foundation they’re making a huge mistake. Do you choose a tone a bit darker than your skin? You’ll only look older and achieve an artificial efffect.

Your foundation tone is essential in order to achieve a natural effect. YOu should always choose one that blends perfectly with your skin tone.

you choose the wrong texture

There’s creamy, liquid and powder foundations, and this is not by chance. If your skin is mixed or greasy, you should run away from liquid foundations, because you will start to shine pretty soon. Dry skins, on the contrary, must flee from powder foundations that will crack right away.

Mos women believe liquid foundations give a more natural result. But it all depends on your skin type. Not taking the foundation texture into account is one of the biggest makeup mistakes.

Compact bases, if they’re oil free, are very comfortable to carry around and adapt to all type of skins.

other biggest makeup mistakes

biggest makeup mistakes 4

Applying too much foundation is another classic mistake. Not blending it correctly is another one. Never, never stop applying your foundation right at the jaw line. YOu will only get a mask effect.


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