Beauty boys, the latest internet revolution is boys in makeup

Beauty boys are the latest social media revolution. Their videos sharing their looks and giving makeup tips are some of the most read in Instagram.

Their accounts have thousands (sometimes even millions) of followers. Although they are not free of controversy. Here’s everything you need to know about the new faces of beauty.

beauty boys

Meet beauty boys like Manny Gutierrez or James Charles, makeup experts who are leading a revolution inside the cosmetics industry. Slowly but steadily, they are making people realise that makeup isn’t just a girls’ thing.

Their success is so big that brands such as Mabelline or MAC are changing their business orientation and hired them as ambassadors of their products. Thanks to them, the cosmetic industry is slowly opening up to men. MAC Cosmetics even got to designing a collection in collaboration with Gabriel Zamora, one of the best known beauty boys.

beauty boys 2

Are they gay? Are they drags? Most of the critics these guys receive tend to deal with their supposed homosexuality or their wanting to look like women.

Beauty Boy James Charles told The New York Times: “Boys in makeup are boys in make-up. When you’re a drag performer, you’re a boy in makeup performing as a female.” Beauty boys don’t deny their bonds with drag makeup. They love glitter, false eyelashes and a lot of foundation. But so do some women, such as Kim Kardashian, they argue.

beauty boys 3

And what do women think about these guys? They seem to have welcomed them into a world which has largely been described as a feminine one. In fact, most beauty boys’ followers are female.

What beauty boys propose is to enjoy makeup as a genderless activity. Finally, the ultimate goal is gettind rid of the gender stigma and normalizing the idea of men wearing makeup.


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