Here’s how to be more charismatic

Surely you’ve asked yourself what you can do to be more charismatic. But first of all, what is charisma?

 be more charismatic 1

Charisma is the special ability some people have to charm or fascinate others. Barack Obama is the perfect example of a charismatic leader.

Many people think charisma is innate. An art, a special quality only few priviledged ones have. But, surprise, that’s not completely right.

According to psychologists, charisma is something which can be learned and trained. That’s at least what Richard Reid says. He’s known as Mr. Charisma and famous for his tv appearances.


Using colloquial language, making eye contact with our audience, and expressing feelings honestly are practices that help us be more charismatic in front of others.

Appealing to feelings is one of the best ways to create a bond with our audience. Take, for instance, the “Yes, we can” slogan. Brilliant.

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Secondly: to be more charismatic you must listen. And we mean “active listening”. Don’t interrupt or overwhelm with questions. Just listen. Like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Have you noticed why they appear crouching down when they’re with their children? They’re practising active listening.

 be more charismatic 3

One extra tip to be more charismatic: don’t be afraid to ask. If you don’t know something, just ask. Be honest. Don’t pretend to know everything.

Try these tips, but if everything fails … we will always have Bond, for whom charisma is something much simpler …

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