21 Reasons Why Canadian People Do Not Want To Be American

Most of the people in the world (and specially in America) look at Canada as the smaller, quieter North American cousin. And yes, we turned out to be very good at playing the second fiddle over the years. But that doesn’t mean that we acknowledge it as a truth. In fact, we claim our victories over our Yankee neighbours whenever we have the opportunity.

The truth is in the wake of the new events, no one wants to be American anymore. If you see my point, then you must read this compilation. Here you have 20 ranked reasons why Canadian people don’t want to be American, all selected by a true Canadian. And no, none of them have to do with hockey.

1. Our money is better

Yes, our bills look like Monopoly money. But at least we don’t have a $1 bill. Let’s get practical; it’s super inconvenient taking your overstuffed wallet expecting to have tons of cash only to realize that there’s only $23 where you could have $2,300. And if you’re thinking about strip clubs, just know that we can use our perfect-looking dollar coins (dancers even have a cup attached to their “outfit” as a coin-tossing recipient).

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