10 Things The US Government Doesn’t Want You To Know About

10. Your Internet Searches and Text Communication are Under Surveillance

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All the American people hear rumours about the American Government is spying them also the rumours in the rest of the world the population hears things about that the American Government spy all the Americans too much. I mean, they want to have every person controlled knowing all about their personal information. It is true that sometimes a Government needs to have your postal address or your phone number but, I am talking about the rumor that says that the Gorbertment is spying all the conversations their population does with their phones, email, Skype, or other kinds of social networks where you can talk and share information with others. that is a big violation of the people’s privacy.

There is one thing sure, the American Government is tracking all the internet connections and activity, intercepting text messages, and more spying things. Then that can mean that maybe the USA Government wants to know if you are doing badly thinks also they want to know if you know too much about the USA. Then the professionals Spies are infringing the Fourth Amendment.



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