10 Quick and Easy Fruit Desserts

Fruit desserts are usually overlooked since most of people think they’re not delicious.

However, most fruits contain natural sugar and it helps curb any craving for sweets so you don’t have to consume unnecessary fats and calories. If you like fruit and you want to get your daily dose any way you can, you’ll love these ideas.

Check out these 10 easy, low-calorie fruit desserts that you will absolutely love.

1. Fresh fruit and pudding

It cannot get much easier than this! Cut up two oranges, two apples, two bananas, and one pineapple. Put all the cut up fruit in a bowl.

Prepare an instant lemon pudding following the directions on the box (if you want to make this an even lighter dessert, use sugar-free pudding).

Stir the fruit into the pudding and enjoy!

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