You Are Applying Your Perfume Utterly Wrong

The way you smell is a personal signature for both women and men. It’s your seal and sometimes the stamp you leave in others when you give a handshake, touch or hug someone. You could stick to a particular fragrance or change depending on the occasion. That is up to you but the effect your aroma causes in others isn’t.

You are applying your perfume utterly wrong

Therefore you should know how to apply and carry the perfume, the character and the personality you have selected to blend with yours.


The very first thing you have to know is that not everything with a nice scent can be called perfume. There are many types of essences and each one has a duration and a its particular way to be applied. Before buying a bottle of a liquid with a nice smell, you should read the label and check if it is a splash, a cologne, a water of perfume, a perfume or an extract.


Yes! The difference means a whole world.

Splashes are usually designed to be applied right after the shower, while you are still wet, so when it dries up, the essences remains on your body.

images (7)They are usually fruity, citric and fresh smelling. Wear them before going to bed or right after the shower. Spray a cloud of the splash and walk through. It’s supposed to last for one hour top; that’s why it shouldn’t substitute a perfume under any circumstances.

images (6)Eau the colognes and the rest of the essences are supposed to be applied on the areas where the pulse and the body temperature is higher such as the inner part of your wrist, the neck and the area under the ribs. This way you can extend the duration and enjoy yourself and others with the selected scent.