Why choose the correct type of underwear? (men)

Ok let’s imagine you meet this beautiful and amazing girl, you have the opportunity to score with her and you happen to have a lousy mood killer underwear with little teddy bears all over it… Not good eh?


The thing is that selecting the correct underwear is as vital as selecting the tie or the shoes that matches with the suit or the pants you will use today and every day. This will determine the amount of looks you get, the parts that you want to outstand and even more important the way you use the much or the little you have.


The correct underwear should provide a balance between comfort and support in both the front and the back. Yes, the back, it is a fact that girls pick on the men rear part more than the front one. So here are some advises to select the correct dress for the king.

Boxers. They are very comfortable but in most of the cases they are no the correct option, unless you choose them to be at home, watching TV and chilling. You could still wear them to pop out to the store and get back home asap. The big problem is that they make you look like your grandfather; mood killer.

Boxer briefs. They are from the 90’s but they still can be very useful and stylish. They provide with the correct support and they are very comfortable, although sometimes they tend to be too long. Use them with suits and light fabric pants.  They are a good option to show what you have and impress some people around.


Briefs. They have a decent support in front but not too much in the back side. You could use them with jeans and for training. Never use them with pants, because they will be the very first thing people will see when you stand up and walk away. The same advice goes for mini briefs and tangas.   

Trunks.  These are the bet options; they give both support and comfort without saying that they have the correct size to let you move as much as you want. They fit with anything and if you want to show case, well this are the correct ones. They perfect to go around weather it is with casual or formal clothes and they will always leave a good impression. If you have a pair of these, try them on and check the difference.