Why bash one out?

Well this is actually something that everybody, including men and women, does and it is something natural and, contrary to what your grandmother or urban legends might say, it is even something good for your health. According to a recent survey 96 % of men and 76 % of women have masturbate at least once.

Touching yourself is something you can even do with your significant other and strength the bonds between each other. Masturbation releases dopamine, AKA the pleasure hormone, and that makes us feel happy and relaxed, thus, it also contributes to lessen the stress, physical pain and menstrual cramps in women as well as to get to sleep faster and deeper.

Jerking off can also build up your immune system increasing the number of white blood cells and keeps them young helping to fight against common sicknesses and in men it helps prevent prostate cancer.



Why do we do it?

Men have masturbated since they have hands, long time ago, and it is not only an unnecessary waste of energy as you might think, but a natural way of get rid of the old and less efficient sperm and have better and faster swimmers in order to have more chances to spread his genes.

For women, the more they masturbate, the better and bigger the orgasm will be. The thing is that as the year passes the vagina muscles then to be flappier, weaker and less elastic and by masturbating you strengthen them and you have more control on them. During the menopause, this will help your body to produce nitric dioxide, which will help you to keep up with all the symptoms of that phase.

So, masturbating is great for your body but try to keep a balance and don’t do it so often because your body might get used to it and it will be more difficult to reach the climax during sexual intercourse.