Unbelievable what there is in the deep web

The regular web is wide, open and somewhat safe for most of the people that surf it, but there is a dark side of the web where the search engines don’t get. If you think it is ginormous the amount of information on the net there is five times more unindexed information that shapes the hidden part of the iceberg that almost nobody can see.

Unbelievable what there is in the deep web


It is called the deep web, the hidden web or the deepnet, but all those names refer to that part of the internet where the CIA, FBI and many other security organizations are tracking anyone and any suspicious activity.

The things you can find around are not nice but very disturbing and violent. We highly advise you not to go there not only because of the quality of the content there, but also because your IP can be caught and red dotted by the intelligence of any government checking the net; let alone that it is the home of a lot of the most fearful and dangerous virus and all the information in your PC might get compromised.

Down there you can access, buy or get for free copied credit cards, fake IDs, some organic weed from the Netherlands, military weapons, child spirits from abortion and miscarriages, cannibalism, child trafficking, illegal porn of all kinds, and many products of services more.

No cash is used in the deep web. If you are interested in hiring any kind of service or buying goods, you should use Bitcoin.


To access, you will need a browser that changes your IP and hides you from the FBI and other organizations tracking the cyberspace. The most common one is Thor, nevertheless, it is sponsored by the FBI itself, the Ford Foundation and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, which means that you are not completely covered.