This Is What Starbucks Don’t Want You To Know

I am not writing to alert you from a disastrous sickness in Starbucks coffee but to give you the secret of a gourmet coffee. I, just like many thousands of coffee drinkers, go bunkers if I don’t have a very good and delicious cup of coffee very early in the morning.

This is what Starbucks don’t want you to know

Once you taste the coffee you are capable of preparing, you won’t spend more money in overvalued middle quality coffee, maybe in the pastry but not in the coffee and you’ll have the opportunity to impress your friends with a gourmet coffee, latte style, mocha or cappuccino, whichever you prefer.



The first thing you should do is to get in the grocery store or in your supermarket a very tasteful and robust coffee. I prefer the one from Colombia, Venezuela or Philippines. They are in an imaginary belt around the planet called the coffee belt. In these places you only find the best coffee.

download (1)The other secret is to mix in equal parts evaporated milk and cream. This will give your coffee a really soft and velvety taste that would match just perfectly with anything you decide to have with your coffee.

Start playing with the ingredients and the quantities. If you want a latte, put together a part of expresso coffee and two parts of our magic milk. If you are craving for some mocha, then solve some cocoa or bitter chocolate into the expresso and mix with the milk in equal parts, and so on.

downloadNow here it comes… The secret of the delicious Nescafe, Starbucks and some other big ones of the coffee world is to add a tiny pinch of salt to the coffee. This is vital, to have a unique gourmet experience. It will bring life to your coffee and your day.