Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

Whether you have one biologically given or you consider your husband’s yours there are some interesting facts you might not know about “your” penis and if you are reading this you are either curious or you want to prove me wrong. Well here we go.

Things you didnt know about your penis

Some men are born with diphallia which is a rare condition where the men are born with two functional penises. It is not as fun as you think. The people with diphalia is 5% of the world and this conditions disables them to have a normal life and have a person to have a family with.

Smoking can decrease penis size by up to a centimetre and as this were enough it can also triggers erectile dysfunction because the it affects the blood vessels and hinder proper blood irrigation to get an erection.


Doctors could use your foreskin to make skin patches for burn victims and one foreskin could create 23 thousand meters of skin.

Your penis doesn’t have a bone, so in spite of what you can believe and how hard it is during an erections there is not a single bone in it, though it can be easily broken or seriously injured during erection stated.

Babies and dead people can have erections. Yeah well it’s not clear why baby boys get erections, often while you’re changing their diaper.

Some people believe that it is due to hormonal changes in the boy. On the other hand, death erection or angel lust is observed typically on men who has been hanged due to the blood pressure in the body while the person is dying.

Koro is an irrational fear of your penis shrinking or disappearing and both men and women can suffer from this disorder. Apparently it is a culture specific syndrome where the person think their genitals are gradually retracting