These Are The 10 Richest Presidents Of The USA (Except For Trump)

With 3.7 billion dollars, the last one is the richest President in the USA. Interesting that the first one, George Washingon, is the second in this list. But there is another one that if he hadn’t been killed he would be richer than both.

Donald Trump is the new President of the USA. And not only that: by January the 20th, when Barack Obama gives him the keys to the White House, the tycoon will make history after becoming the richest leader in the long democratic tradition of the country. His 3.7 billion dollars and his real estate empire doubles the fortune of the other 10 presidents following him on the list of the richest Presidents of the USA. No wonder, then, that he has given up his salary as President and is going to earn a symbolic dollar a year. 400.000 should turn out to be a problem for him.

He is not, however, the first rich President to live in the White House. There were others and we will learn about them next. If the last one is the richest, interestingly the second richest was the first. His name was…

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