The truth behind “dangerous food”

Along the years, there has always been a person saying that this or that food is really bad for your health and nutritionist and dieticians never tie in with each other about what people should eat or not. So let’s have a glimpse of the truth behind the food that is sinfully delicious and the good or bad they can do to your body.


The truth behind


  1. Bacon- Delicious, smoky and able to come to life any dish is one of the most disparaged foods by doctors.
Fact Lie
This type of cancer is not very common. A lot of people eat it and around the world and less than the 3% are affected by any type of cancer. In fact, if you only eat meat, the probabilities of getting cancer rises only to 6%. And according to the WHO, more people die because smoking than because of eating meat or bacon. It will kill you.

It produces bowel cancer.

It is as bad as tobacco

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Coffee.- Delicious and energetic black brew with which most of us can cope with the drowsiness of every morning. Some people cannot live without it they have some coffee in the morning, after lunch and a little bit to go around.


Fact Lie
This brew from coffee bean can even help you to keep up with a busy day while stabilises your blood pressure.  The right amount of coffee can be good for your health You will die of a heart attack

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  1. Diet soft drinks. We all know that the sugar in the regular soft drinks is too much and overpasses the recommended daily dose. But what about the diet ones?
Fact Lie
It is not scientifically proven by experts and there isn’t any research backing up this theory. It will bring on cancer because of all the artificial sweeteners they have.