Someone Could Be Spying Your Webcam

What kind of thing do you do in front of your computer? Did you know that someone could be staring at you at the moment and you don’t have a clue of it? You could even be the star of a TV show broadcasted in a small country. Maybe that’s too much but something that could indeed happen is that your webcam self-activates and you don’t know anything about it.

Someone could be seeing you through your webcam
Transmitting through your webcam is an option that you activates voluntarily but with some programs anyone can access to it. Wait! Don’t freak out! You don’t have to cover the cam with adhesive tape or anything else.

In order to access to your computer, it must have been previously infected with a Trojan or be a part of a public network in which another person can have access to your computer and the most important of all, it need to have an internet connection.

To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to install a licenced antivirus or spyware detecting software, given that the legal antiviruses work better than the pirated ones and the user have a customer support in case of a digital emergency or someone breaks into your system. Once you have your security system set, it is vital to keep it updated and run a system analysis every now and then.

Antivirus are really useful but maybe the most powerful tool is the common sense; do not accept links from untrusted or unknown senders and try to avoid chatting with people you don’t know. Just like the real world we have to be careful with the people we talk to and the webs we visit. Another tip is to visit only trusted and popular sites. Experimenting is good when you have the appropriate tools.