Some things you didn’t know about your period.

And here we go again, months after month, year after year and the worst part is this terrible discomfort that you have to deal with. Well here you have a some things that you didn’t know about those red days.
Some things you didn
1. Take some iron. Due to the all the blood released on these days, plus the fact that you might not be getting enough iron in your diet, you will need iron supplement to compensate and feel better.
2. Not pregnant. Bloated feeling, fluid retention, tender breasts, acne and some other symptoms are because your body secretly is preparing you for pregnancy and during these days you are over flooded with progesterone thus the symptoms are very similar


Loving my life

Loving my life

Ibuprofen to the rescue. This will make that the blood vessels of your uterus shrink and lower the amount of fluid. They can also help you with the menstrual cramps to decrease de intensity.
4. More than blood. Yeah there is a lot of blood involved but besides that every 28 days a layer of your uterus is discarded naturally with a bunch of blood vessels. This is why some people have terrible haemorrhages.
5. Something extra. It isn’t a rule, some women get diarrhoea during their menstruation and somehow they are often related with menstrual cramps. So beside a hormonal roller coaster some girls also have to deal with crams and on top of that some odd bowel movements.

6. Craving for sugar? Sugar or carbs, you call it and Sometimes both. The thing is that these cravings can me a bit more than you think. Since progesterone is a hormone that helps to control the sugar in the blood, these whims can mean that you are low on progesterone. Please check with your doctor. This is something that can be easily corrected with supplements.