See What A Coke Makes To An Egg. I Couldn’t Believe It

Coke and other back sodas have been under the public spot for being the first cause of decay, overweight and heart diseases due to it high content of sugar and other not so innocuous components in the formula that make it the perfect product to use in heavy work such as cleaning toilets, removing rusty screws and uncloaking drains.

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This is no new, and we have all heard different stories about the darkness behind the product of a company valued in millions of dollars, but I couldn’t believe it, until I saw what three cans of coke could do to an egg. And I wondered what it does to my stomach.


This guy in United States decided to make an experiment: He plunged a healthy egg in the content of three cans of coke for a complete year and the result was incredible.


After all this time with the egg dunked into the coke the hard calcium-made shell started to weaken, until it was completely solved. The content of the egg was completely harden and brown, just as if it had been boiled. There was no signs of proteins or any nutritive element what so ever. It was an egg-shaped candy. When he cut the egg to see the inside, everything was brown and sugary. There is no difference between the yolk and the “white” part.   Do you think you could give a bite to that egg?

maxresdefaultI know you might be thinking that your stomach won’t ever be immersed in coke for that long, but you do drink more than that in a year. With hamburgers, cake or just to fresh up on a boiling hot day of summer, a glass of this brown, carbonated and frizzy liquid is always more than welcome without thinking what it can do to your body.