Ridiculous Ideas That Made His Creators Millionaires

All of us think that we have million dollar ideas, but most of the people doesn’t act on them. And unfortunately, most of the people who try to start a business don’t succeed.

That’s not the case of the people of this list. This entrepreneurs started a business based in very simple (and stupid) ideas, and against what people could think, they made MILLIONS of dollars. In some cases, even billions.


This simple product, sold by Allstar Products mostly in TV, was a real hit in the social networks and the source of many jokes. Despite being ridiculized with many videos and photos, this product was a best seller, and still is.

Actually, humor was the selling strategy that made the snuggie success.

During the first year in the market, more than 20 million of people bought this product, only in United States.

The sale price is $ 19.95 for two snuggies. If they sold 20 millions, and each snuggie costs almost $ 10.00, that means that Allstar Products made around 200M dollars!



Ken Hakuta wasn’t the inventor of this simple toy, but he was the first to sell it in United States, which was a great investment. The best part is that everything happened by coincidence.

While he was living in United States, his mother sent him a present from China. The toy fascinated him so much that he decided to buy the rights of the product for $ 100.000 and then he started selling it in DC.

For the people who doesn’t know they toy, the characteristic of the toy is that it walks down the walls it’s thrown against in a funny way.

At first the sales weren’t as expected. Until a reporter from The Washington Post found this product and wrote an article about it.

The widespread that the article had fired the toy sales to 240 million units.

It is estimated that Hakuta made around 80M dollars.

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