Real freaks: People with extra body parts

Science and the common sense of people cannot explain how these things happen, but there are a lot of people that were born with some extra body parts. Even though some of them are quite evident, some others have a normal life hiding their special quality from people. Here they are:

  1. She had a nipple on the foot. One random day a 22 years-old Brazilian woman wakes up with a lesion on the right foot and she decides to visit the doctor to have it checked. Her surprise and the doctors was to know that she grew a well-formed nipple on the foot with a surrounding aerola, hair, sebaceous glands, and fat tissue. This abnormality is known as supernumerary breast tissue and it only affects about 1% to 5% of the people.

  1. One guy with two penises. Is that possible? Yes, it is!!! The name for this medical condition is diphallia and the owner of two fully working 10-inches penises is an American bisexual man that goes by the name of “double dick dude”. His real name is still unknown because he wants to keep his anonymity, although he has published his memoirs in a book called “Double Header: My Life with Two Penises”.Real freaks 1
  2. It started like a mole but … all the problems start with something small that grows and grows until you can conceal it anymore. Liang Xiuzhen, an 87 years-old woman noticed how an innocent mole grew to be a 5 inches long horn. The woman is native from China. Doctors have diagnosed her a cutaneous horn that might whammy in the future and produce cancer. Believe it or not, this medical condition might come from excessive sun exposure. Can you imagine yourself carrying with a massive horn on your head?

  Real freaks