Poland mocks EU over Brexit: France, Germany & Belgium will be ‘SMALL’ Europe post-UK exit

GERMANY, France and the Benelux states will be forced to create a inconsequential EU state if Britain votes to unshackle itself from Brussels, a Polish professor has warned.

Poland has mocked Europe if Britain backs Brexit

Poland has mocked Europe if Britain backs Brexit

With just over a week until Britons take to the polls, Jan Hartman said a Brexit could leave the 28-country bloc fragmented beyond repair.In a shattering blow to the European state, the Polish politician said rather than pulling together the decision would deepen East-West divides because Western civilisation and political culture will be “destroyed” in Poland.Writing for Polityka, he said: “A Brexit would force Germany, France and the Benelux states to form a smaller EU.

“And we wouldn’t be part of it because Poland, Hungary and for the most part Czechia and Slovakia don’t fit in emotionally with those states – either now or in the future.

Polish prime minister Beata Szyd?o

Poland is growing increasingly disgruntled at the EU

“The West will always remain the West and we will always merely represent the East. The dream of Western civilisation and political culture will be destroyed in Poland.”Under the pretext of fending off attacks or solving the migration problems borders will be sealed once more – including without doubt the border along the Oder River.”The shocking admission exposes the cracks in the EU and differences in opinion among its leaders, which were already unveiled during the escalating migrant crisis.

Angela Merkel

Germany, France and Belgium would be forced to become a smaller Europe

Eastern Europe were repeatedly criticised for its hardline approach to welcoming asylum seekers.A joint declaration from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia saw the East reinforce their opposition to any mandatory EU scheme for sharing out migrants.Poland joined the EU in 2004, but there are already signs the country is growing fed up of the bloated Brussels machine.A study by Lord Ashcroft earlier this year found Warsaw felt “people felt most decisions were made by Germany along with France.”It comes after it was revealed Poles who dave arrived in Britain during the last five years and who cannot apply for UK residence may be forced to return to Poland in the event of Brexit.A tougher stance on immigration laws would also seen up to half of Poles lose their rights to work here.