Pizza facts you didn’t know

Pizza, preferred both for rich and poor, is maybe the most know dish around the world and each country has a version with local ingredients of this exquisite food. But what is the story behind delicious cheese melted on soft bread? Well here they are

Pizza facts you didn

October is the international Pizza’s month. Well it doesn’t need a month, most of us could eat it every day without any particular reason.

Only in USA. America is the only responsible for devouring the total amount of 252 million pounds of pepperoni, and around 46 slices of pizza a year, maybe more; and 350 slices of pizza per second. That’s insane. If pizza were an animal, it would be on the way of extinction by now.

Golden pizza. The pizza industry is one of the biggest around the world and more pizza places continue opening every day. Only in America this industry is worth more 35 billion dollars. That is definitely something to think about.

Pizza hungry people. 93% of people around the world eat pizza in regular basis. The rest of them are just cheese or wheat intolerant and they want to eat pizza but they just can’t.

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Pizza cops. There is an organisation that makes sure people is making the real Neapolitan Pizza, its name is Associazione Verace Pizza Nepoletana; of course it not made up with people from the Italian mafia, but they are really strict with the quality standards.

What does pizza mean? Well, nobody really knows. There are alleged meanings for this word in every language but nobody knows the real etymology of the word we use to this delicious feast of gods. There is even a funny story saying that the pizza is really German and it was brought to Italy by the Lombards, but… It is just guesswork to claim rights over this delicious plate.

Expensive. There is a pizza in New York that is one thousand dollars and you must order it with a day in advance.