Learn To Kiss Better By Speaking Spanish

Speaking Spanish as a foreign language can bring some benefits to the speaker and maybe the most interesting one is that it would give you some advantage when it comes down to kissing. Besides, you will have this amazing and sexy accent that turns out to be irresistible for the opposite sex. You have all the tools to win some kisses and perhaps something extra.
The reason is simple: when you learn a different language and you get somewhat fluent in it, you start exercising some muscles you didn’t use before and your tongue gets more skilled, to say the least. The more languages you speak, the more ability you get.

This all makes sense in the field of a science called “phonetology” studying the movements made in your mouth to produce the sounds of any language, the articulation, the sound itself and the different realisations of phonemes. What happens here is that your lips will be trained to do movements and knacks you didn’t do before in order to pronounce the words in the new language.

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So, the side effect of studying a new language (not only Spanish) is to make yourself a better kisser, not bad. I’d start right away if I were you. Well it’s not that easy, not just because you speak Spanish you are going to kiss like a Latin lover or by speaking French you are going to give French-like kisses.
Try to select a language that improves your weak points.

Learn to kiss better by speaking Spanish

For strong and accurate movements, it is recommendable to study German or English. On the other hand if you want a softer and more controlled pronunciation give it a go with French, Italian or Spanish. Or if you need to free yourself from everything, I’d try Arabic. It’s up to you. You have to remember that kissing is an important part of a relationship and it is also your personal stamp.