Gwen Stefani Shares Blake Shelton’s Secret To Rapid Weight Loss (Pics Below)


Gwen Stefani Shares Blake Shelton’s Secret To Rapid Weight Loss (Pics Below)

Gwen Stefani appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week and may have caused more of a stir than she may have liked. In a tongue and cheek moment with the show’s host Ellen, Gwen opened up about her new boyfriend’s incredible body transformation and how he did it exactly. “Blake is a busy guy, I mean he barely has enough time for me so to lose 30 or so lbs in a month… I couldn’t believe it!”

Gwen went on to explain that Blake was and is using Pro Forskolin to promote his weight loss. “I did question him about his weight because he got so skinny so fast I was concerned he was doing something illegal. He showed me what he was taking and I was stunned. He doesn’t even workout and he keeps losing the weight.”

Whether Blake wanted the media and public to know of his weight loss secret is unknown. Gwen sure did the public a favor by telling the truth and revealing the benefits of the Pro Forskolin product. After some in depth digging we found out that Blake Shelton isn’t the only celebrity to have reaped the benefits of Pro Forskolin.

Blake Shelton isn’t the only one who is seeing the positive effects of this new program. Hollywood star Khloe Kardashian shocked the world after losing 20 lbs in 20 days with the new Pro Forskolin Diet. “I Couldn’t believe how quickly I saw the effects.. and the fact that I could eat whatever I want when I want and still lose weight!” said Khloe as we spoke with her after the VMA’s. The combined effect is clinically proven to not just shred fat off your physique but flush out all the junk in your body and increase your metabolism without harming your immune system.

Losing weight often feels like an impossible challenge. We have evaluated numerous fad diets over the years. All too frequent the results are just shy of being painfully disappointing.

Khloe Kardashian took Pro Forskolin and lost 20 lbs in just 20 days.

Participants in a Clinical Study Lost 16.5 Pounds

One thing people on both sides can agree on is that the controversial, new supplement drastically works. According to a new study from researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center, men and women who took the Pro Forskolin supplement for 8 weeks lost an average of 16.5 pounds without additional diet or exercise. Another study published in the journal Nutrition Research found that people taking Pro Forskolin extract lost an average of 6.7 percent of their total body weight, including 12.3 percent of their total body fat – with zero side effects.

In fact, not only were there not any side effects, but people using the supplement actually experienced improved health measures across the board, including reductions in bad LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar.

And if all that weren’t reason enough to have desperate slimmers stocking up, researchers from the Department of Laboratory Medicine found that people taking Pro Forskolin extract experienced a significant decline in cravings for sweets and other foods high in carbohydrates – likely due to the nutrient’s positive effect on insulin and blood sugar counts.

It worked for Blake, but would it work for us? We put it to the test.

The reason why most diets fail, in our opinion, is that they impose unrealistic restrictions on how you live your life. Many dietitians say eat lots of protein others emphasize carbohydrates. In either case, you’re left with having to make rather drastic changes to the types of food you eat.

John Goodman took Pro Forskolin and lost 67 lbs in just 2 months.

Pro Forskolin has been clinically proven to:

  • Boosts Energy
  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Help Eliminate Bad Toxins That Have Built Up Over the Years
  • Help Regulate the Metabolism

    Pro Forskolin is one of the most concentrated and purest forms of organic Pro Forskolin products on the market.

    Step 1: Take one Pro Forskolin pill in the morning.
    Step 2: Take one Pro Forskolin pill in the evening.

    Conclusion: Celebrities are using this amazing product to lose weight and feel comfortable with their bodies, so you need to try it for yourself too; the results are real. After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people really are finding success with it (myself included). And you have nothing to lose. To order your bottle, follow the links provided in the article and know that you are getting a quality product that works; no strings attached!

    You can reach your weight loss goals with the Pro Forskolin diet.

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    Khloe Kardashian took Pro Forskolin and lost 20 lbs in just 20 days.

    John Goodman took Pro Forskolin and lost 67 lbs in just 2 months.

    My Results

    “Week One:

    One week after the Pro Forskolin diet I was surprised at the dramatic results. My energy level was up, and I wasn’t even hungry. A welcomed side effect of the Pro Forskolin diet is its power to curb the appetite.

    Best of all, I didn’t even change anything about my daily routine. On Day 7, I got on the scale and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had lost 4.5 lbs. But I still wasn’t convinced, since they say you lose a lot of water weight at the beginning of any diet. I wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks.

    Week Three:

    After 3 weeks, all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! I am down, from a 10 to a 4 pant sizes after losing another 15.5 lbs. And I still have a ton of energy. Quite often, around the third week of other diets, you tend to run out of steam. But with the Pro Forskolin my energy levels don’t dip, instead they remain steady throughout the day.

    Week Four:

    After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I lost an unbelievable 31 lbs since starting the Pro Forskolin diet! Actually everyone at TMZ News is kicking themselves for not having volunteered to be the guinea pig. Using the Pro Forskolin in week 4, I lost an additional 11 lbs.”

    -Suzanne (TMZ News)


    Step 1:

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