As parents we want our kids to have a flaring and successful future full of great opportunities and accomplishments. Well, after all they are our daughters and sons and we want the best and only the best for them.


The main thing we should learn is that we had amazing parents and they did the best they could to prepare us to the challenges we are facing today and we should understand that there isn’t a school of how to be parents and the most of it is a hit and miss. It’s not necessary to take away all the kid’s time with activities we wanted to have when we were children or cram his or her little head with knowledge they might no use in the future.


Now the secret of making your kid excel in everything is not academic or related to how many things he or she knows, it is intrinsically attached to the capability of getting around the most common difficulties in life and how to get the best out of them, have a positive thinking, be creative and to love others and himself or herself.Mother-and-Child

Of course, this you cannot board or take extra credits at school or read a book to get it. Our important part as parents is encourage our kids to develop those activities while having fun or by doing an activity that would let them get the objective.

Baseball, for example, is not only about batting a ball very far and running fast. It’s all about dedication, hard work, team work and coordination, just like ballet is for girls. Being a parent is not only theory but utmost practise.

A last advice, is to teach your kids not based on the world we have today, but the one they will have to deal with in the future.