Find out the most common proverbs in Spanish

As any other language in Spanish there are some proverbs that come from popular wisdom and some others that nobody really knows where they come from. The thing is that they are there and people say them every day to convey a common idea or meaning that is applicable at a specific moment.

Find out the most common proverbs in Spanish

If you are studying Spanish, you are a big fan of the language and the culture or you just want to surprise a Spaniard friend with a common phrase you should definitely star saying things like…

Someone “habla hasta por los codos”. No, don’t take it literally. It doesn’t mean that a person can speak using the elbows but that someone speaks too much. So you could say that a good friend of you “habla hasta por los codos” if she or he takes total control of the conversation turning it into a monologue. A similar expression in English could be
“talk nineteen to the dozen” or “someone can talk the hind leg(s) off a donkey”.

Más vale llegar a tiempo que ser invitado”. This is a very common proverb if you want to express that a person arrived at a very good moment without invitation. There is not a similar translation in English but you could translate it literally and say “It is better to arrive at the right moment than to be invited”.

Éramos muchos / pocos y parió la abuela”. Do you know Murphy’s law? Well people in Spanish they don’t have that, but they have this proverb to express that what can go wrong will definitely go wrong and if it can get worse, it will. We say this when things are already bad, and on top, something else happens. An equivalent in English could be “that was the last straw” o “that was all we needed”