Facts about the Tarot

Tarot is a special deck of cards used for telling the fortune by foreseers and fortune tellers, but it wasn’t always like that. It commonly brings 78 different cards with figures and colours and it has been going around since the 14th century in different parts of Europe. Here some interesting facts about this useful tool of fortune tellers.

Facts about the Tarot

1. Its name comes from a very old card games called Tarocchi that has nothing to do with the fortune telling. It wasn’t until the XVII century when the cards of the tarot’s deck were used to magic.

2. During the Victorian age, people used to lay out the cards in the shape of a Christian cruise in order to protect themselves from evil energies.

3. Everyone is born under the influence of a great arcana in the tarot. If you want to find yours, you need to make an addition with all the numbers of your day of birth and the resulting number will be the number of your great arcana’s card.

Facts about the Tarot

4. Tarot is an amazing tool to meditate. The only thing you have to do is to choose a card and look at it, at the drawing and thing you are in the painting the card has on it and create your own story.

5. Four card of the great arcana are connected with the angels. “Justice” is related with Gabriel. The card of “Temperance” pertains to Miguel and the card of “the devil” is connect with Uriel.

6. The tarot tells a story of your life and when a person is telling your fortune he or she is just looking at the specific moment you are asking for. Tarot will let you check different moments of the life of a person.

7. Whenever you are shuffling the deck and you accidentally drop a card that is not a coincidence. It must be included in the telling.