Divorce: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Comeback to TV


Sarah Jessica Parker had debuted in the early 80s with the Square Pegs, CBS series that portrayed Patty Greene, a high school student, a little bit of a loser, which the younger girls quickly identified with. Then came the danceable Footloose and Girls Just Want to Have Fun and the comedies Ed Wood, The First Wives Club and Mars Attacks!, among others.

But it was not until Sex and the City in 1998 when all eyes were fixed on that short actress, with curly hair and prominent nose. It did not matter that she did not fit with established standards of beauty, Carrie Bradshaw would, until 2004, a benchmark in any fashion editorial in New York.

After the series, she did a couple of irregular films (2008 and 2010), mostly romantic comedies that always reminded us to Carrie and a funny appearance on Glee, in 2013, praising again the taste of the actress (or was it the character?) on the latest trends.

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