Divorce: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Comeback to TV

A decade after the end of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker returns to the HBO, the same channel that made her a fashionista icon for a whole generation of fashion addicts, Carrie Bradshaw. Her story, unaffordable Manolos and a mature leading man nicknamed Mr. Big, inaccessible to her. Until they fell in love and John, as it was called in reality, decided to marry Carrie.

And then the couple starred in a couple of films that revived the memories of the sensational lives of its protagonists. The fact that the actress stars in a series called “divorce” leads inevitably to imagine what would have made Carrie itself in such a situation.

We are so excited about this new series that we cannot wait to disseminate Sarah Jessica Parker’s comeback.

Keep reading for more information about this new HBO series “Divorce” and also for a quick overview on Sarah Jessica Parker’s career.

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