AMAZING! Look what happens to your body while sleeping.

As soon as the night comes, most of the people hope to have a long night of sleep and drop off very fast in order to rest more, but as soon as we fall asleep weird things happen to our body, some of them your husband of wife can tell and some others you will find out here.

Electroencephalography, EEG

Electroencephalography, EEG

  1. Lose weight. The fact that we are not moving and while we sleep, doesn’t mean that our body stops functioning or using energy. During our rest our body performs a lot of natural basic function of detoxing, cleaning and upkeep that freshen our organs.
  2. Growing hormones and regeneration happens. Have you heard the expression “beauty sleep”? well when kids are sleeping their brain release the hormone that let them grow and strengthen their bones and tissues. In adults, this hormone has a different function, it restores and regenerates the skin cells and the body starts healing itself, meanwhile the immune system gets stronger.

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  1. Eye movements. In spite of having our eyelids closed our eyes never stop moving, especially during the REM phase that is when we have the most vivid and intense dreams.
  2. We Speak out loud. This is something very common and in some cases can get you into troubles with your significant other. While sleeping we can mutter a word, a phrase or even produce or hold a full conversation and the following day we won’t remember a thing what we said.
  3. Gnashing teeth. If you wake up with some pain in the jay or with a terrible sensation on your teeth, maybe you are grinding teeth at night due to really stressful situations going on your life, bad dreams or heavy neuronal process going during your sleep. 0

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