Amazing All The Thing You Can Do With Vaseline! You Wouldn’t Imagine!

This is a product you can find in any house and if after trying to find it you realise you don’t have any, you can pop out to the nearest convenient store and get a jar. It is not expensive and it has tons of different usages in different areas of your life.


1. Preventing rust. If you want to extend the life of your tools or any iron made thing you have at home this is one of the best things to help you prevent them from rusting. It is so easy as covering your tools with a fine coat of Vaseline. What if they are already rusted? Well you could sand the rust down, clean them and put some petrol on it. This also work with your car’s battery terminals and it wold prevent to get rusty and greenish.


Amazing all the thing you can do with Vaseline

2. Barbecuing. Vaseline won’t help you to make you barbecue to taste better but to start the fire. It is easy, rub some Vaseline on a piece of rag, put it into the coals or the wood and start fire. This is a great and natural method to start your barbecue in minutes and since gas is not used it is also a very healthy way to have meat without the lead released by the combustion.


3. For your pets. Almost anyone have a cat or a dog without shoes walking around. Well a good way to protect their paws is to put some Vaseline on them. This will prevent dryness and protect them in cold seasons as well.


4. On leather shoes and purses. If they are getting old and a little bit scruffy then hurry up!!! Get some Vaselin and rub them it will restore them and prevent them from further damage.