5 things you won’t believe about your cell phone

Long time ago we knew that the cell phones arrived not only to stay but to change our lives to the point that most of us feel vulnerable without our devise. Here you will find out six things the cell phones have changed in your live and you probably haven’t noticed yet.

Businessman using smart phone

Businessman using smart phone

Spending a penny. Believe or not 75 % of people are more active with their cell phone while they are in the bathroom doing their business. So if you want a person to reply instantly make sure to text him or her wile he or she is in the loo.

There are more cell phones than toothbrushes. Every year almost three thousand 500 million toothbrushes are sold around the world and according to the numbers of carriers around the world, they sell more than four thousand 500 thousand million different devices.

SMS. The Philippines is the winner in sending out SMS. It is believed that more than 1.5 billion of SMS are shared on daily basis in this country. They either love sending SMS or they spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

Sonim XP 3300. If you thought that your old feature phone that have been with you almost since you were born is the most indestructible device, well you have to meet the toughest guy of all the cell phones. Its name is Sonim XP 3300 which classified in the Guinness record as the m

ost resistant cell phone after resisting a crash of 25 meters against the hard concrete.download (8)

The most popular. Of course when we talk about popular cell phones around the world the brand Nokia strikes your mind. The model 1100 has sold more than two hundred 50 million of devises around the world since it was launched in 2003. The reason of that is that it had a perfect balance between durability, liability and economy. Do you still have yours?