5 incredible uses of lemons

Why are lemons so underrated? There are many references about life giving you lemons when bad things happen to someone. Ironically, lemons have countless of great and surprising uses. They really can help you around the house in so many different ways. After reading this awesome list of what you can do with lemons, you will want to keep them in your kitchen at all times. Uses for lemons are so versatile that we could have included 30 items in the list, but here’s only the 5 most interesting ones!

When life gives you lemons… here are 5 different and surprising things you can do with them.

All-Purpose Cleaner

You can make a lemon-based all-purpose cleaner with lemon juice and water. This perfectly natural cleaner can replace most chemical filled, harsh cleaners. Just try and rub lemon directly on to shower handles, faucets and other metals. It will also keep them free of bacteria. Lemon also removes grime and gunk. You can even use it as an alternative to bleach to help brighten your whites. Adding a cup of lemon juice will do wonders for your laundry.

Respiratory Problems

For people who suffer from asthma or have a congested chest, drinking lemon water will help reduce the amount and level of phlegm in their bodies. If you have a cold or sore throat, then sucking on a lemon or drinking the juice will also help. Lemons work great against these ailments due to their antibacterial properties.

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