4 Mysteries of the modern world

There are always some questions that we have ponder until either we find the answer or we stop thinking about that. Here you have the five more puzzling questions you have all ever asked yourselves.


Where does the gas in gas stations come from? The easiest answer to this question is to believe they all have a pipeline that comes straight from the refinery, but the truth is very different. They all have a ginormous tank underneath that are filled with gas when necessary by trucks transporting the fuel and the dispensers pump the gas to your vehicle.

4 Mysteries of the modern world 1

Why are jeans riveted? During the 70’s the pants of the working men were constantly ripped at seams and a liner from San Francisco solved the problem by using copper rivets in the most important seams of the pants. This guy partnered his fabric seller Levis Strauss to create his own line of pants with rivets


4 Mysteries of the modern world 2

How do they put the toothpaste in the tube? Most of the toothpaste tubes have a flat ending that is sealed once the toothpaste is inside. Now the tricky part is how to put the colours in the toothpaste? Well that is simpler: they distribute the three colours uniformly by filling the container at the same time and by sectors: two white and other two with different colours depending the type and brand of the product. This is why they are always perfect on your toothbrush.

4 Mysteries of the modern world 3

How do they build McDonald’s restaurants so fast? Well they have what is called a modular design and it means that they are designed and built in somewhere else and assembled in the place where they will operate. This is a faster way to build up a full restaurant, environment friendly and also a cheaper than heavy and cumbersome structures of concrete.

4 Mysteries of the modern world 4