28 Celebrities Who Are Major Dog Lovers… Hugh Jackman Is Doing It Right

We love dogs and we love snooping on celebrities. So we decided to combine the two and put together a post of celebrities and their dogs! We see and hear so much about famous people in the news or on social media, but it’s usually all the bad stuff. Media outlets seem to be only concerned with all the juicy gossip like Celebrity A cheated on Celebrity B with Celebrity C. They love to put famous people’s dirty laundry out in the open.

Give them some space, we don’t want to know every single detail of their personal lives that they try so hard to keep private. The only detail we care about their personal lives are the dogs they’ve taken in.

Some are rescued and some weren’t, but regardless they’re all too adorable for words. It’s kind of humbling to see famous people with their dogs, it makes them seem more human and less celebrity.

#1. Hugh Jackman taking his two pups, Dali and Allegra, for a walk

Not only is he a great human father, he’s a great dog father too.

#2. Gerard Butler taking a stroll with his dog in West Hollywood

Don’t they compliment each other so well?

#3. Zayn Malik snuggling with his dog, Rhino

Why does this picture look like it belongs in a heartwarming dog commercial?

#4. Olivia Munn taking a break, relaxing with her pup

Olivia said adopting her pup was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

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