10 Things You Shouldn’t Ever Lend

One thing is to be a good friend and easing the things for that pal in needs and another is putting yourself in a big risk by lending things you didn’t know you are never supposed to lend.

Personal use objects are, as the name says it, personal and only you should use them. The reason is that they carry on them a huge amount of bacteria that grow on your skin and other parts of the body that they may cause terrible infections or lesions to the other person.

The most dangerous things to lend are:

1.- Your toothbrush. As you might know your toothbrush has all the bacteria growing in your mouth and they keep growing in it along the night even if you wash it once you finish the brushing. Lending your toothbrush to a friend or even your boyfriend or girlfriend could cause the other person and yourself to get the flu, sore throat, streptococcus and norovirus.

10 things you shouldn

2.- Lipsticks. Your lipstick directly touches your lips which have a huge amount of neuro-receptors and blood vessel that absorb everything they touch. Thus, sharing an innocent lipstick can be the mean of transportation of many infectious diseases like a really bad herpes and some germs that can cause a facial nerves paralysis.

10 things you shouldn 1

3.- Razors. Well needless to say that rubbing your skin against a blade will cause small lesion to your face, legs or any part of the body you decide to shave. Skin cells, hair and sometimes little samples of blood remains in the razor transmitting any kind of sickness to the other person which after shaving will have a sensitive skin and a higher vulnerability. By sharing your razor, you could get hepatitis C or any other sickness transmitted by blood.

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4.-Clippers. Fungus, herpes, and many other things are available in another person’s clipper. It is always recommended to clean it with alcohol after using it but who does that anyways? It better to be safe and have always your nail cutter with you.

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