10 Celebrities Who Might Be Time Travelers

1. Zach Galifianakis and Louis Vuitton

When dealing with actors, it’s never too hard to imagine them impersonating someone else, maybe someone from our past. Zach Galifianakis will most certainly respond with a joke and a loud laugh to the question if he is a time traveler.

A serious hangover could take Zack way further than Vegas, to 19th century Europe, playing the role of the famous fashion empire founder, Louis Vuitton. Although Hollywood won’t see too much potential in the story of someone made famous by his ability to put things in boxes, Zach will definitely do everything to get the play straight.

We can imagine him hitting the Paris pavement on a daily basis, seeking better business opportunities or even the moment when he becomes the personal box maker and packer of the Empress of France. His energy and unrest would fit the effervescence of Paris during the Industrial Revolution.

2. Sylvester Stallone and Pope Gregory

Although Sylvester Stallone and Pope Gregory might share few connections for the untrained eye, some well preserved paintings of the Roman Church ruler can serve as an excellent clue that we are dealing with yet another case of time travel.

With a tired face, dark circles around his eyes, ready to give up on his ambition of converting the barbarians to Christianity, Pope Gregory looks exactly like Rocky. It was certainly hard being the pope at the end of the 6th century, a time when Europe was struggling to find new identity after the fall of the Roman Empire.

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